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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

this week....

so far this week, it has been action packed... we have taken the girls to the playground at JJ 3 out of 4 nights... i have written 4 3pg papers for school... we have continued working on getting rid of some of our stuff we aren't taking to florida with us... kenzie has been looking on gymboree and childrens place websites (she needed some new clothes, so we looked at the sales they have going on and well, you will see in a few days what she picked out)... ryan is off again today.... i like the week that he is off for 3 days in a row.... it really helps me out here with the kids... i have to go to work tonight.... but that is that... maddie is doing great... she is talking more and more every day... kenzie is still having issues with sharing with her sister, but we are working through it... ryan is doing good... maxx got tickets to a cincinatti game, so tomorrow he is going and I am hoping that he will take the camera so he can get some pics of him and maxx there.... i am status quo. and if anything changes, you know it will be blogged!

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