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Sunday, September 11, 2011

a fun weekend

this weekend was a blast! something i haven't been able to say for a while so i am happy that things are turning around!!! here's a recap:

friday night we went to citrus park mall with our friends julia and christine and while madison decided it was a good time to disobey, all in all we had a good time... we ended up ending the evening short because of madison's bad behaviour, but we did not allow that to hinder our weekend.

saturday since it was wet out, we decided to go to clearwater. i couldn't do photo's on the beach or at the park and ask my clients to sit on wet ground. soooo un comfy that would have been, therefore we are rescheduling for better weather and hoping for this saturday for our friends james and stacey... so we went to salvation army, old navy, and the westfield mall @ countryside. it was so much fun (maddie stayed with daddy this time) and on the way home we went to steak n shake. something we don't normally do so it was a real treat. the best part was that because our meal rang up to 16 dollars, both girls were FREE bringing our total down to 10 dollars and change!!! nice! and we didn't even use coupons. then kenzie went home with christine and julia for her sleep over. she had a blast and did very well with their dog kasey!!! she had karaoke on the wii, dancing, movies, nails polished, etc... she was sooo good for her too!

today maddie went with daddy again today and had daddy daughter football time LOL and i went to the playground with julia, christine, and kenzie. we had a picnic lunch and played there at the playground, stopped in at the grocery store on the way home and then have vegged out since getting home due to the activity of the weekend.

now that maddie and ryan are home, it's time to get the kiddos to bed. it's been nice getting back into the routine of blogging a few times a week. it really makes me happy to blog but what makes me even more joyous is when i am asked by my friends about my church and they decide to come attend. so on sunday, i am meeting anita and eric to show them the ropes as far as where the kids go to classes as we drop our own kids off at class. it's so nice for friends to be able to start attending at such a big church :)

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