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Monday, September 12, 2011


so, as we all know, i'm not working outside of the home. some people don't agree with this, however this is what ME AND MY HUSBAND have decided is best for us right now because of a few reasons:

* we have 2 children and need one of us to be available for them before and after school
* it's been my dream for a VERY long time to be able to work from home and while I am not where I want to be with that it is a work in progress
* we have but 1 car. enough said on that

now, while I did put in applications and go to interviews, no one is hiring me and i believe it is because of my LIMITED availability. See, I don't believe in allowing my children to be raised by anyone OTHER THAN ME OR MY HUSBAND. Therefore, I am available to work either 10 am to 3 pm or 6 pm to 8 pm. now, with that said, no one is going to hire for those hours, therefore I am working on getting a photography business going.

Why photography? well, it's one of the things I love. There is no start up cost involved basically. And there are TONS of beautiful backdrops in nature here in florida not to mention, I can make my own schedule with this. Not to mention the potential earnings! The sky is the limit.

with all this said, if you don't agree with what we have decided to do for our family, it's ok to voice it ONE time but when you constantly are voicing it is when it upsets us and makes us not want to come around or associate with you. we are worried about OUR FAMILY not everyone elses decisions for us. we will raise our children the way we see fit and right now this is the best solution for us.

we are so tired of being the people who are judged because we don't make enough money and we don't have everything that other people have. sometimes it isn't what you have that makes you happy it's the love in your hearts and let me tell you people, THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

now with all of that said, let it be known, WE ARE STAYING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. by home I mean we are not going to go to anyone elses house. the girls have stated they may want to do a "country cabin christmas" at starkey park, and while we haven't ruled it out, we just are spending a quiet christmas with our kids and a few of our close friends. if you should choose to want to see our family for christmas this year, that's great, come on over and have a fun day, but should you decide you don't want to see us for christmas, that is fine with us too. i just don't see the sense in dragging everyone and everything all over the place to do christmas, when the kids would have so much more fun really playing and having family time with their parents and i wouldn't get asked, why didn't i get what he/she got from santa mommy???

anyway, enough rambling from me :)

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