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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lacy/Cox Playdate

Fun times were had Saturday as we met Christine and Julia at the playground for a spontaneous play date. Mackenzie and Juilia are a perfect set of BFF's! They had so much fun together and didn't want to leave that night, but all is well!
Julia isn't used to the camera so much, so she did a great job! See, she has a touch of Autism, but all in all she's a great kid! She just doesn't have the camera pointed at her all the time like my kids do, so she's not used to it. But we all know that if you hang out with the Cox's there will be photos taken LOL!
"Hey, Julia, lets play peek a boo!" and that's just what we did! We had fun playing peek a boo around the tree!
She really didn't care for this monkey bar thing, but she was a great sport and climbed up there for me! Love this child!
These girls will do anything I ask! they didn't like that I was asking them to pose in the grass for me, but hey, they were great sports!!! Love the way they went back to back and believe it or not, Julia naturally put her hands on her leg like that!
"Please let me up now" LOL again, not a fan, but a great job!!!
"Peek a Boo! I see you Mommy" She's always been a great model for me! And this photo shows how great she is!!! Love my lil Kenzier!!!
Here we were on the monkey bars again... And I decided to do a mock color spot with that flower... looks great if you ask me :)
"Please get me down from here!" she didn't like where I had her sitting, but the photo turned out pretty good!
Although Madison didn't like getting in the photo's I did get one great one of her swinging!! She's such a case when it comes to photos. If she doesn't want her pic taken, it's not going to happen!

So, we had the play date and then got invited for somethign special. See the next post for that... I'll be posting it tomorrow to keep you in suspense!!!

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