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Monday, September 26, 2011


it's been a busy weekend. recap:

saturday: kenzie was surprised with a sleepover that she thought she wasn't going to get, but we allowed her best friend to surprise her at her yaya's and take her home with her. they did the movie and playing school thing. they were great!

sunday: maddie and i met christine, kenzie, julia, and yaya at target for some shopping then went to great clips, maddie got her hair all shaped up and kenzie got a cut! i'll try and get a photo of her later for the blog, but she got an inverted/stacked bob. she looks so adorable with it. and it made our school routine much easier this am!!! then we went to the grand opening at tcby for free icecream, face painting, and stilted balloon twister. very fun. christine and i then went to see the help! love that movie! want that movie. want to read the book too.

anyway, that's about that more to come later :)

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