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Friday, September 9, 2011


So I made you go an extra day, but let me tell ya, this week has been strange for me... Busy with lots of stuff, but without further ado, here's what Kenzie got to do.

The day after the playdate, we had been invited to go (FREE) to a Soccer "Practice" or so we thought at the University of South Florida. We thought it was really cool! So we went with Christine and Julia. When we got there we found out that it was really a double header! There was a game going on when we got there after church, so we watched the 2nd half of that and then came the fun part. Kenzie got to wear a retired Lady Bulls Jersey and go on the field during the line up but that wasn't all!!! See the photos I captured as she was on the field and other moments of our day!

First, you have to know that Mackenzie has finally found her BEST friend! Yeah Baby! They at first thought they would be wearing these Blue Pasco Pirahana's t shirts and that was cool, but when Coach asked them to both put on the jersey's they were thrilled! We had a short photo op outside of the college here and then we were off to see some Lady Bulls!!!
Right after the first game ended all of our Special Olympians got to go out on the field and get told what they were going to be doing. So, Kenzie got to join them. Keep in mind that Kenzie is not a Special Olympian, however they didn't have enough on their team, so they asked Kenzie if she would like to join in the fun! So she was right out there with the rest of the team and she loved it!!! As you can see, here, she's sporting the retired jersey and looks like she's a kid in a candy store. This photo I got of her on the field when she wasn't even paying attention to what I was doing!!! Cute Cute Cute!
Here she's paired up with the player she was going to run out with. I am assuming that the player is telling her what's going to happen and what Kenzie should do. And might I add that she did a phenomenal job! This kid was born to listen let me tell ya. Well at least when it comes from someone as cool as a Soccer player!!!

And my caption here is: "HA! I can run faster than you!" LOL but in all seriousness, when they were announcing the starting lineup the kids got to run out with the player they were paired with. Kenzie made it look like she's done this millions of times, but really, honestly, this was her first time ever having the chance to do something so cool! And she came off the field saying she wants to start playing soccer! Go figure! LOL

Here we have the starters waiting with their little ones as the rest of the players are called out to field. Looks like the players were having as much fun with this as our kids did!!! Julia and Kenzie were just taking it all in as you can see. There was a breeze, so Kenzie kept fighting her hair... We should have put it up, but I didn't think of that til later in the game :)
Shew, that's over, now it's time to sit on the "mountain" and cheer the girls on "USF! USF! USF!" The kids loved sitting on the lawn embankment at the end of the field and I gotta say it was cooler over there as I went later in the game. It was a great game and went into double overtime only for our Bulls to hold Murray State to 0-0!!! The refs weren't really doing their job in my opinion and toward the end they apparently woke up and figured out that they should have been calling fouls on Murray all along... We had one foul shot and barely missed it... darn!!! But they played hard and the kids loved seeing how to play soccer.
Scrimmage time at half time. The kids all got to play in a scrimmiage on the field for 1/2 time. Kenzie had so much fun!!! It was wonderful!
At the End of the game, Sarah Miller stopped and posed with our beauties for a photo for me!!! She's such a great gal!!! Kenzie loved getting to hang out and have autographs from the players and she says the best part was when Sarah and Julia took a pic with her for me.

All in all she had an amazing day!!


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