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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

quick update

not much to report here other than that i am getting a few more calls/emails about some photo shoots and madison is now getting speech therapy.

so first the speech therapy, yesterday, ryan got a call while he was at work about madison. it was the speech therapist saying that she needs about 1/2 the speech therapy that kenzie gets. i am actually pretty happy that she is getting it because although she has great speech, this will help her just a little more.

now the photo's, i am slowly getting more and more people inquiring about having me do their photography and while some may think that i am offering prices that are too low, i am doing what i feel is needed because there are SO many in my area who don't have the chance to do great photography with their family because the prices are WAY out of their budget. while you have the right to think that i should charge more, i would challenge you to think about the lower class working americans who cannot afford to pay 3-500 every time they go to get photo's done with their family.

that's all for now

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