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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


we have finally begun planning some fun times for us... here we go...

last sunday, i went with my bestie, christine, to see the help as you know, so i started looking at the movies that are either out or coming out and got an e mail from focus on the family about a movie that is coming out friday. i was able to talk ryan into going (even though he really doesn't like the movie thing) and his mom is going to babysit for us.

so, our 1st date night is dinner and Courageous!!! i can't wait to see the movie! i sure hope that this will inspire him to want to do date night on a regular basis.

then in november, kenzie and i have been invited to go to jacksonville for a weekend! that's going to be tons of fun! we get to go with our besties and have fun on jacksonville beach! more to come on that..

maddie isn't making many plans yet other than "i wanna be lemon meringue for halloween mommy!" and kenzie has decided she wants to be a vampire (which i am totally ok with! love me some twilight) so we know what the kids want to be and they will make adorable characters!!

and other than that we have the norm along with me starting to try and go to zumba on a regular basis and when i can't go i do it on the wii.

so more to come when there's more to report :)

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