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Thursday, July 24, 2008

another day without any sleep

so, last night, although i was exhausted... i got no sleep. i couldn't sleep. so tonight i have to go to work with no sleep because as soon as i put maddie down and she got to sleep today, kenzie went ripping through thehouse waking her up so that i couldn't sleep. we have taken everything we possibly can away from her and it doesn't do a darn thing. i don't know what to do with her. so i will be going to work with no sleep for like 48 hours by the time i leave here at 4pm. i don't know how iam going to manage, but i will. i guess. now here is my schedule this week:
thursday: work 12 hours
friday: 8 hours
saturday: 8 hours
sunday: 12 hours
monday: 8 hours
tuesday: 12 hours

as you might imagine, i am going to be completely worn out come wednesday, but there will be no rest since ryan has to work that day also.

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