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Saturday, July 19, 2008

today is 2 of 6

so, i go back in to work tonight from 10p to 6 a. It is day 2 of 6. I know you are all thinking I am crazy, but the overtime is available, so I am taking advantage of it. I don't always have this opportunity since most of the time they give it away to the people who are always picking up. one girl averages 160 hours in 2 weeks every pay period. how she does it I don't know, but her checks must me really nice.... If I did that before taxes, I would be looking at well over 2k per pay check with the shift differentals and over time premiums factored in... wow. just don't know how she does it. so, i took kenzie's tv away from her yesterday and ryan gave it back last night. what is up with that? i am fighting a loosing battle here.. maddie sees this and she is going to start behaving the way kenzie does... grrr!

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