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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just another....

Thoughtfilled Thursday....

As we close in on the last of July, my head EXPLODES with thoughts of things needing done. I am in the heat of packing and downsizing at the same time. It is hard to go from a big house to a small one. Especially when I haven't seen the house, but we trust Roy and Carol. They have seen the place, and we will just go on their word. Last night we took a night off from the stress and just concentrated on teaching Kenzie how to play tennis and baseball on the wii. She will get good if we can just get her to concentrate on the task at hand. Oh, she is a LEFTY when it comes to batting! It was so funny to see it. I blame the LEFTY himself for instilling that on our child! Yes, Ry, that is your fault. We are also attempting to get the hang of the AMF bowling game for wii. It is really hard to controll the ball on that one. So, Maddie is just herself today. Not settling until I dressed her "pwetty mommy" she wanted one of her pretty sunday dresses on. Too cute. Kenzie is in her room picking it up now. She does listen WHEN SHE WANTS TO . So, she is already telling me she wants a new scooter (since hers got stolen) and a skateboard (both have to be bratz) for Christmas. I was gonna go the cheater's way out and tell santa to get her a switchboard (like the one Riley got last year), but then she added the bratz thing. So, poor Maddie doesn't really get to say "Mommy, I want Santa to bring me this....." so, I think I will ask santa on behalf of Maddie for a scooter for Maddie so that she can ride with Kenzie. I think they would like that.

NEWSFLASH: Maddie's word of the day: "OOPIE" (she is trying to say oopsie)

And that is all for now!
The Cox Family

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