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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hey guys. I just thought I would update you all on the services for Nana. On Thursday, Zack put me on for 8 hours instead of 12 so I could go to the visitation which is being held in New Albany from 12-8. Friday, he took Ryan off and he said Ry could make it up at a later time so that he can be a Pall Barrer (spelling is off I just know it). Pop asked Ryan if he would be one. Ryan jumped on the chance. He just wants to do anything he can for them. It is so sad that family has to come together in this type of situation. The service is at 11am in New Albany. Now on to other things:

The girls helped me pack up all of the pie pans, and other dishes we don't use on a regular basis today. Things are comming together in the kitchen. It is nice to have 2 little girls who love to help Mommy as much as mine do. Maddie is feeling much better this week. Last week she had spiked a temp, and yesterday while playing with her, I noticed that she has another new tooth. She is such a champ. Kenzie has been a little emotional roller coaster with this move. I think she knows what is going on this time and wants to make sure she is secure. She keeps telling me over and over, "I am moving to Florida. Near Yaya and Pappy. In a new house" and all I can say is "You got it gal!"

I am doing ok under the circumstances. It is always sad to have someone you love leave, but in this case, I need to remember that she is better off in Heaven with Jesus helping Jackie and Gary and Papaw Sunny prepare a mansion for all of us when we get there. Nana was a sick lady this last week. I am so greatful to God that he took all of her misery away. I am sad that Pappy will have to live the rest of his days out without the love of his life, but like I said, she is better now where she is.

I went to the doc for a followup appointment. She was absolutely pleased with what the Singulair and Symbicort have done for me. She is such a pleasure to have treating me. I love that I can have Maxx's wife for a Doc. I will have to find someone when I get back to Florida because I don't know anyone with her knowledge down there. Oh well, you win some, you loose some. I just can't wait to see Cathy and Maxx when they come down next year (Maybe I can even whip Maxx on the tennis court (wii style) when they come down!) LOL!

Anyway, I better run!
Lots of Love to you all!
The Cox Family

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