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Friday, July 18, 2008

We're taking a new approach to the kids...

So, some of you know that for quite some time, we have been having the battle of Mom v/s Dad war over parenting (mostly discipline). Ryan tended to not want to face it because he doesn't like hearing Kenzie cry, but when it came to Maddie, it was ok to do whatever was needed to get her to stop the naughty thing she was doing.... Not so fair in my book, so I have decided to try to reapproach the "time out" strategy. I have been thinking on this for quite some time. I think Kenzie can finally grasp that if she does something wrong, she will be placed in time out and for every time she gets up, the timer gets restarted. So, since I have had this talk with Kenzie, it was put in place. I noticed that she had taken her clothes off and asked her to go put some clothes on because it is inappropriate for a 5 year old to go without clothing. I don't even allow Maddie to be clothesless. So after several reminders and quite a long time later, I simply said to her "Kenzie go sit in the time out chair for 5 minutes for not listening when Mommy asked you to put clothes on" she went and sat in the chair and 4 minutes into it she got up, so after the timer was reset about 3 times she finally got that she wasn't getting out until her time was up. After the time out, she came to me and said she was sorry for not listening, went right to her room and got some clothes and got dressed. WOW! A different child. It was awesome to see the change in her behavior. I think that my tone of voice had a lot to do with it. Now I just have to brief Ryan on it and since it doesn't involve any of the other techniques that have failed in our house, maybe he will go for it. We will definately keep you all updated on this approach. I am also implementing a new schedule and several charts into our life. (I think I am going to start these once we get moved since we are so close to it. I think it will be a welcomed thing with the new house. I will keep everyone updated on this as well.)

I worked last night. I had close to 30 patients on a unit with the supervisor being the nurse, so it was a trying night for both of us.

Ryan went and had a free round of golf today because of some golf show he went to with Maxx earlier this year. (we love free!).

Kenzie has been doing well today. She made a great usage of words! She came up with an appropriate sentence for telling me what the tree cutter who came to the door was doing next. She said, "Mommy, he went to the other neighbor's house" I was so proud of her and most of it was quite clear for her.

Maddie has been great. I am working on getting her speaking more. Kenzie has gotten accustomed to speaking for her.

And that is the update today. Talk to you all soon.


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