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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just a recap of events

So, I thought I would bring everyone up to par on our events lately:

Thursday, Jackie went to be with Jesus

Friday, I got Nick and Bubba

Saturday, I took the boys home, ryan got injured, and nana was put in the hospital related to leukemia, a dialysis treatment was done.

Sunday, we went to church and then came home to pack a suitcase and went to Mom's house to help her and pop with pappy.

Monday, nana had another dialysis treatment.

Tuesday, the doc said that if nana didn't have chemo, she wouldn't last two weeks, so she agreed that she needed to try the chemo treatments. She had her first treatment.

Wednesday, more chemo and pneumonia sets in her lungs.

Thursday, arajuana delivers baby isaiah via emergency c section due to him being breech. bronchoscope to biopsy infection n nana's lungs and then she was sedated and placed on the ventelator until they could find out what the infection was to allow her body to try and fight the infection.

Friday, nana went septic. the doc tried talking pop into nr order, but pop won't do it. In a nutshell here is the situation: if they take her off of the chemo, she will die from the cancer, if they continue the chemo, she will die due to the sepsis. Not a good prognosis.

Saturday: I finally came home this morning. I have been going to work from Mom's house and taking care of pappy when I am off of work. I needed a break. So, I played wii with Kenzie and a couple of her friends today. I will post the rest of today in my next post. I did call and check in with Mom about nana and pappy. Pappy went to see her at nine this morning and didn't leave until three this afternoon. Mom reported that he has been crying nonstop. At first, we didn't think that he knew what was going on, but we now know that he understands more than we gave him credit for. Ryan stopped by the hospital and sat with Nana for a lil while. He doesn't want the girls going down there. He said that nana doesn't look good at all.

So, now for putting pics in and that goes with the next post so see u in a minute!
The Cox Family

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