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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

quick update

we have been up at mom's since sunday. we are taking care of pappy for them. nana is still in the hospital and it isn't looking good. i will continue to update you all as i can. pappy is napping, so i don't have much time here, but wanted to let you all know where we are since i haven't been on the blog this week. pappy is very weak, and doesn't have much interest in mobility or eating right now, so it is all we can do to get him to walk in and out of the house a couple of times a day. eating is another story, i basically have been conning him into eating. he doesn't have control of his bladder anymore, and today he stated to me "you have a patient 24 hours a day don't you?" this was after I had given him a bath. So, needless to say, i am exhausted, but we are getting by with all of the stress of jackie passing, and nana being diagnosed with leukemia... then yesterday the doctor told her that if she didn't take chemo, she only had 2 weeks to live. they were going to see what one treatment did via bloodwork today, and i haven't heard what the results there were, but i talked to her this morning and she was so worried about "my babies" as she put it. I may see if mom will come home and take me and the girls up there so she can see her babies. pappy has given the girls new names... they are MADDIE LOU and KENZIE SUE! they are both so worried about the girls. it is awesome to see the love they have when they both are not doing well. anyway, i will update you again when i can.
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