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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sleep, where are you?

so, today, instead of comming home, i stayed at work to get our checks. then i came home got the rest of the fam and headed to walmart. we did kenzie's school shopping. i only forgot one thing that was on her list. so she is all set for school now. then ryan dropped me and kenzie off at kmart while he and maddie ran to new albany to run an errand. i talked kenzie into getting some of the cutest retro print clothes that i could find. so cute. when he got back, i hopped in the car and we went to grab a bite to eat. then we came home. by this time it was 12 noon. i laid maddie down, but there was no rest for me as kenzie wouldn't lay down. ryan had to leave to go to work because someone had to be off at 2pm so he went in today for her since they kept blowing up his phone. so, needless to say, when he gets home, i am so bed bound that it isn't funny. so since i am not making any kind of sense, i am off of here...

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