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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

and my work week starts....

so, tonight is when my work week starts. it is nice for a change to say, "I have to work tonight". believe it or not, I like working. I love the reception position that they have given me here at work. I also spoke with my boss earlier tonight and she informed me that she has tons of data entry for me to do because in the nursing and rehab centers the clinical (nursing) part of the data goes in on one computer, but it all has to be converted into the billing programs for billing reasons, so I will be doing all of that not to mention that we finally got microsoft programs for the front desk computers, so I will also be converting all of the front desk documents to microsoft documents not this open office stuff that we have right now. this will make it easier for us to send e mails among the department heads. as it is our e mails when we attach something it turns into wingdings because the programs aren't compatible. so here pretty soon i have to be going to work. :) roy got his car back today. that is always a plus. kenzie had a good day at school. maddie has been a little riot today! i am getting spacey, so that is my clue that it is time to go.

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