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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yeah Baby! We have Pics!

Hi Mommy! I love this hat! Thank goodness Yaya had the extra witch hat for me and Sissy to share.
Here Sissy, Let me help you!
Goofy is the only word I can use to describe this child!
Fun in the pool with my sissy!
Beautiful Blue Eyes.
We had a really good time today at Roy and Carol's house. Although they had to leave to go on the Harley for a while, we were able to get a few things done for them and get some snapshots of the kids too. Ryan and I were able to get the fall decor down from the attic for them (I liked the idea of us doing this rather than Roy because of his recent eye surgery and I wouldn't want anything to get in the incisions). Ryan worked on the pressure washing of the back porch a little. Kenzie watched Beauty and the Beast several times. Maddie was just a goofball and then we took the to the back yard and put some water in their little pool and let them go at it for a while. After that, it was time for the Rays and Bucs games. They both lost. :( But then we cooked cleaned up and were off to come home. We got here and finally touched base with Grandma Tigger. She sounds like she is doing pretty good. We can't wait to see her again! So that was about all that went on for us today! Hope you enjoy the princesses! Oh and we decided that since Kenzie is going to be Hannah Montanna for Halloween, we would go the easy route and make Maddie into a Biker Baby. We have a leather vest, so now I need to go to some thrift shops and come up with some black boots for the two of them. I might as well do a nifty belt for Kenzie too. And that will be all we need other than the wig, but that isn't a problem. So now I am off to do what Mommy's must! SLEEP!

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