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Thursday, October 9, 2008

"I am beauty and Pappy's the BEAST"

Frome the title of my blog you would think that my child is silly. No she just watched Beauty and the Beast with Yaya last weekend. She has now transformed into Belle. Here is the scoop: We had so much running around to do today that we were running late, so asked Roy if he would pick Kenzie up from school and then meet us to drop her off. He did. By the time we got done, we called him and he said they had just gotten to our house and would wait for us. We pulled up to see them in the driveway dancing together! So darn cute. Too bad my camera was locked in the house. He said "You are the first of the girls I have danced with" so she said, "Pappy will you dance with me at my wedding?" It was so cute! Then she announced "I am beauty and Pappy is The Beast!" and so they went back to dancing. Just a memory I wish we had on camera for her to show her children when she has them. Or a good thing for scrapbooks. So, we get in the house, and start to settle so I can go to sleep since I worked last night and had 3 hours of sleep before going out to get everything done. I will be taking another 3 hour nap before going to work tonight. Maddie is doing well considering she was playing outside and her feet got out from under her. She fell face first on the side walk. She has a little skinned up nose, but all in all she is good. Ryan is in the middle of changing the break light on my car. It needs it. I have been suffering from blogger withdrawl, so here I am! And that about sums it up! More later!
Love the Cox Clan!

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