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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Visit

This past weekend, Derrick, Amanda, Riley, Shelby, and Maggie came to visit. It was tons of fun as usual. Kenzie ended up staying the weekend with Yaya and Pappy since Shelby and Riley were staying there too. They painted pumpkins, went to a pumpkin patch, painted each other (really funny I will have to put a few pics on here), went to Target, the part, etc. I don't even know what all they did really because I was working, but all in all they all had a wonderful time from what I gather. Today is our 6th anniversary, but the only person (including us) who remembered was Carol and Roy. She called to see if we all wanted to meet for a celebratory dinner and we were like "for what?" and then it clicked! Early onset dimentia if you ask me! So we ended up taking the girls to Yaya since Pappy wasn't home yet and we needed to have the kiddos home for bed time and it was getting late. Ryan and I went to Chili's and had a good dinner, then back to pick the kids up and off to home for bed. We missed a call from Shelby since I forgot my phone at home. I guess Kenzie will have to try again tomorrow... And that is about that.

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