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Thursday, October 30, 2008

why we aren't voting

megan and chris inspired me to do this post with their one about why they are voting for mc cain. we aren't voting for a few reasons.

*we didn't make it to the license branch to change our license and register to vote in time. it was within days!
*i for one can't make up my mind about who i would vote for. i have liked parts of each campaign, but there isn't one that i totally love and not one that i totally hate.
*with the history of politics, we feel that even if we voted, our vote doesn't really count because when the politician gets into office, he/she doesn't follow through on promises they made.
* we voted for george bush 4 and 8 years ago and now we feel guilty for killing all of the men and women who have fought their last fight in iraq. we feel that had we changed our vote, that we wouldn't be part of the blame that some of those deaths occured. we know that our one vote isn't going to be the one that makes or breaks the election, but we do feel a little guilty for helping put the man in office who made the call to go to war. a war that never should have happened.
*we haven't been in tune with the election as much as we would have liked with our move and all that has been going on.
so there you have it. our "excuses"

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