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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what to do

so I woke up at 1 am and couldn't sleep. what do i do with my time? well, i start by doing some laundry... then organizing the girls' bedroom since they fell asleep in my room last night and we still haven't found the perfect bunk bed for them yet. then as i continue doing that i go back to check the laundry. lay out kenzie's clothes for school since i forgot to do it last night. move some furniture... on to check laundry again... (getting the trend are ya?) and then i collapse to try and make out a christmas to do list. (ryan has been asking for a list of what i want... he will regret it! LOL!) so I got this idea about wanting to be able to take music every where for my own enjoyment (hint.) and then i was helping carol make chili the other day and she had this really cool thing that i had saw on tv not to long ago it was the vidalia chopper and i loved it (another hint). I am needing some replacements to some of my fiesta. they have ended their lives in an early grave. (i will have to put together the list of the pieces i am needing) (oh, these hints are for ryan!). I would love to see Mamamia, so I guess the dvd should be the next hint! And that is all i am putting on the list for now. i am starting to get all messed up in my brain. I guess I will go start working on making the icing for the cakes...

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