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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Report Card Day!!!

Today was Report Card Day! Here are the results!
She needs assistance in:
Writing (we are working on it.)
Displaying self confidence
Managing personal needs (I have been worried about this)
listening attentively (again we struggle with this at home too)
showing effort (this is evident at home too)
working well independently (she tends to want to depend on us to do all of her work here at home too)
completes work in a reasonable amount of time

all in all she did well.

she got successful in these areas:
READING (who knew! I was shocked with this one)
social studies
physical ed
shares teacher's attention
practices self control
accepts responsibility for his/her own behavior
follows class and school rules
respects the feelings and views of others
respects school personnel
respects class/school property
follows directions
works cooperatively
shows organization
fine muscle control
large muscle control
handwriting legibility

The note: mackenzie was provided with additional support. she requires repeated instruction. although your child is working below expected levels, the report card grades are based on your child's progress related to assignments and assignments at his/her instructional level. implementation of academic interventions will continue to assist your child.

I am very happy with the results considering a few weeks ago i was under the impression that the teacher didn't have high hopes for mackenzie to pass kindergarten come the end of the year. We will make a chart of what she is in need of help with and work on a sticker reward chart to help her improve in those areas. I think this is the best approach to what she needs improvement in.

More to come later!

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  1. Displaying self confidence had me surprised