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Monday, October 13, 2008

Ok, so I have been a bad blogger...

Thursday: I worked 10pm to 8 am.
Friday: I worked 10pm to 8 am.
Saturday: I worked 4pm to 12 am.
Sunday: I returned Roy's car to him. I love that car! Carol and I thought we would try to take Kenzie to a Craft Fair in Clearwater. That wasn't such a good idea. Five minutes after we got there we were on our way out. Kenzie wasn't listening. We get home and the boys have football on. Later, we had dinner...

Carol's Porkchop in the Crock pot (at least that is what I call it)
Sear pork chops. Put them in the crock. fill it with chicken and rice soup. let them cook all day... serve with salad and mashed potatoes... we also had corn. the chops were falling apart. they were so good!

Monday: I was off! Second day! Yay! I made this tex mex type rice in the crock pot that Amanda told me about and EVERYONE loved it!

Take boneless chicken breast add:
rice, salsa and shredded cheese - mexican night - put it on
tortilla or plain

this all goes in the crock pot. We did serve on tortilla's and it was awesome!

Yes, I am totally using the crock pot like never before. Practically daily. LOL! I don't know what I am doign for tomorrow, but I will try to post for you for tomorrow...

Oh yeah, Maddie's nose is much better. It did scab over, but the scabs have both fallen off already and she doesn't look like Roudolff the Red Nose Rebel anymore LOL!

I guess that does it for now!

Lots of Love to y'all!
The Cox Family

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