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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

any info

on my quest to be a safer house and to improve the environment, i am questing to gain as much info as possible about our normal household chemicals such as clorox, pinesol, colgate, etc. if anyone knows of any websites that will help me, please don't hesitate to include that info in an e mail or comment for me. i am using the stuff right out of wikipedia and the national safety council right about now. (i typically research these things when i can't sleep). i am finding it amazing the amount of poison used in our household chemicals that are supposed to be safe for our families, but are not! we are converting all of our chemicals to safe ones for our family and the environment. it is so crazy the amount of children who have died due to accidents with just normal things like cascade.. or burned because of bleach... how about the child who swallowed conditioner and died due to the ammonia used in it? just makes me so mad at these companies who are bringing in the dough hand over foot because many of us don't realize that there are safer products on the market which do a better job and don't cost as much as the ones that we are currently using!

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