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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Individual Educational Plan (aka IEP)

I went yesterday for Kenzie's IEP. Here were the results:
It was for speech therapy.

She is being seen for communication needs, curriculum and learning environment, and communication. They added curriculum and learning environment due to seeing that she is becomming self consience of her speech and we want to keep her confident in herself while not comprimising her self esteem in other areas as well. In addition to this, she is also in a group with her guidance councelor to help with the self confidence and esteem.

Her goals are:

to correctly produce /k/, /g/ in all positions of words for 5 minutes of conversation with >90% accuracy for 3 sessions without correction by the SLP (speech and language pathologist)

When the slp presents age-appropriate vocabulary/basic concepts, she will demonstrate her knowledge and use of the vocabulary words/basic concepts by correctly identifying a word/concept presented by the slp.

when given a 2 step direction, she will follow both steps w/o verbal/visual prompting.

she will correctly produce /l/ in all positions (just as with /k/, /g/)
as will she for /f/ and /v/

when the slp presents a one syllable word, and asks her to tell her the sounds in the word she will produce each phoneme in the word without any modeling from the slp.

in all of these areas, there are several bench marks that i did not list here, but after talking with Ms. Betty, I was highly satisfied with the progress Kenzie is making. She asked Kenzie to "show mommy how you say /k/" Kenzie put her finger on her tip of the tongue and proceeded to say /k/ key! I was so amazed because in Indiana the speech therapist was working on /k/ for one full year with little or no progress! Soon Kenzie will be able to produce her /k/ in all positions with NO MODEL! It was quite awesome. She refered to Kenzie using her finger to hold her tongue down as a model. I will keep you updated on her progress!

Lots of Love and Kisses

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