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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Help from Kenzie, Sarah, and Mandy

Yesterday, we put together the Rose Petal Cottage again. Let me give you some background on this event!

When Ryan bought it for the girls, he was going to put it together, but hadn't gotten to it, so I did it. With the help of the cable guy who was there working on our internet connection in Indiana. It was quite a job let me tell you! I vowed that I would never take it apart! LOL! Then we moved. So I had no choice but to take this thing that cost almost $100.00 apart because there was no way I was giving it away!

Fast Forward: We have been waiting to put it together, but I decided that since it was getting a little cooler and Riley and Shelby might like playing in it with the girls this week, that it was time to put it together again! (oh, and we don't have the instructions anymore) So, Kenzie and I bring in all of the metal pieces and plastic joints along with both of the cloth covers that make up the cottage. About that time I hear, "Kenzie where are you?" It was Mandy and Sarah. So, they came on in and we found an instruction video on for putting my beloved cottage together. The girls proceeded to seperate all of the metal tubes by color. One set is pink and the other is white. Then once again by number to make it easier to find all of the pieces that we needed. Then they continued by seperating the connectors by colors and shapes. Then we used the video to assist in putting the cottage together, it was much easier this time!

After we got it together, they all went in it and played until Tyler came over. (we don't play with Tyler because he isn't so nice to Maddie) So, I politely asked that Tyler play outside with the children. He stated, "I was mean to the little on because I just hate babies" then they all went outside, but not before he stated, "You have a nice christmas tree, and I like it" so, I know the kid has potential and I think he just needs some love!

Now, this morning, Kenzie is in the cottage with her magazine, pen, snack, pillow, etc declaring that "This is my house and you need to knock before comming in mom"

So, I am off to talk her into getting ready for school.

Have a great one!

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