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Friday, November 28, 2008

a challenge

I was reading a blog earlier and came away from the entry with a challenge. I will be working on this challenge over the next week or two. Here goes:

What are your Christmas Traditions?

Here is where I stand now: ummmmm I'm not sure. What do I mean, well, I have never really thought about our traditions. Yes, we put cookies and milk out, and santa comes, but I haven't really instilled any other traditions because sometimes we are home and sometimes we are not. Like this year, I have to work, so santa is comming, but the other gifts are waiting until the Sunday after christmas so that the girls get to have more when they open gifts with Grammy and Pappy (by the way, I have heard Kenzie converting a little, it sounds like "dammy" but it is getting there) Maddie does whatever, but anyway, last year we went to Derrick and Amanda's house, the year before, we did christmas at Mom's, but we haven't really ever developed traditions for our family, so I will have to take a look at things and see what I can come up with! Keep watching for some of that to take place.

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