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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Every Year

I think back to "What Chritsmas Music Do I Want To Listen To This Year" and every year, my sister and I cry to the song "Christmas Shoes" so I started putting it on my christmas playlist here on the blog. So here is the background behind what that song means to us.

First, to see the lyrics and hear the song, go to this site:


Now, some of you don't know the following:

On Thanksgiving 18 years ago, our mother passed away. It took years for us to be able to celebrate thanksgiving. We were not ready. We wanted our Mom back and didn't understand why God had taken her and left children ages 9, 7, 5, and 4 to live without a Mom. It wasn't until after I moved to Florida the first time that I was able to start celebrating the things I was thankful for having and I can say now that I AM THANKFUL FOR GOD TAKING MOM OUT OF HER MISERABLE EXISTENCE CAUSED BY THE CANCER!

The song just reminds me a lot of my little brother and love he had for his mommy and the boy in the movie (if you got to see it) just looked like my brother when he was a kid.

On Thanksgiving 1990, Momma met Jesus and so when I hear the song, I think of her! I can't wait to meet him too and see the beautiful angel that is sitting on a cloud watching my girls grow up. I always think back to when Maddie was born. She was a sick little one, and I can't help but think that an angel was with her through it all!

This song is hope for all of the little kids like me who have lost their parents to cancer. Jesus is watching over you just as He has watched over me!

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