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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Shoppes at Wiregrass

We went to a new strip mall yesterday with Carol. What I got to see of it I loved. There was this big display of Christmas Trees, and Carol, Kenzie, and I got a picture taken in front of them. A lady was nice enough to offer to take a picture of all three of us so we could be in a picture together. (note to self, have Roy e mail it to me so it can be uploaded here). So before we went to the christmas trees, we kind of looked in a few shops. Here were my thought:

Lane Bryant: "Oh my goodness that is a lot of red and black" (I have a lot of red and black already, but I will keep looking back because I saw a white suit there that I would love to have, but I don't want to pay full price for it.. Kind of expensive)

Justice: "Now we can totally learn to love this store" (Kenzie fell in love immediately with this store. It (in the words of Amanda) is a lot like Limited Too, only a little less expensive. There were some really cute things in there)

Carol went in a store or two and we went to a toy store before returning to the car to head to target.

While at target, I think I found the new look for our christmas tree, I will have to hope the ornaments go on sale like you wouldn't believe after christmas so I can unveil the new christmas tree look next year and to help me with deciding Amanda is going to bring "pics" for me to try as a tree topper to see how I like it. My angel has kind of bit the dust... She is old and didn't want to stay on the tree, so I am going to work on making her into another part of our decor. We also saw the shoes that Megan liked so much on sale for $4.98 and I tried them on, they were cute, but not functional for me. We then looked all through toys with a 5 year old in tow! I know we are crazy for even attempting that one, but it is one way to see what she is interested in especially down the educational isle. It gave us an idea of "will she be able to play this or not" so we were handing her leap frog toys and seeing if she would be able to keep an interest while playing with them. Some she could, some she couldn't. We did notice that she isn't quite ready for TAG yet.

We then retreated to Carols house for dinner and putting the Thanksgiving tables together. I didn't get to take pics because I have donated my camera to work until we can get the charger for the cybershot that we have there at work.


THIS IS HOW IT FEELS to have an empty house on my day off! I am loving it. Ryan took Kenzie to school and I made myself some chocolate chip pancakes topped with whip cream! so yummy! I am about to get ready for the day just wanted to blog before I get in trouble!

P.S. Maddie might come home on Tuesday! Will know more tomorrow though.


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