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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

goings on

so, we are 2 weeks from thanksgiving... what is goings ons in this house?

kenzie is constantly asking how much longer for santa! she knows after halloween comes "turkey day" and then daddy's birthday, then shell bell's birthday and then christmas... she is counting it down this year!

maddie is starting to finally figure out that when she is wet it isn't comfy, so off comes the patty potty pants!

i am status quo just working and the other day, i got called in for a four hour field trip! it was insane. because i haven't been in the state of florida for five years, i had to be fingerprinted. (keep in mind we just got prints done for the board of nursing to renew our certificates), so eight of us headed out in the company van with one following in her vehicle with her children. we get to tampa and they don't have fingerprint cards (not to mention the attitude we got because we didn't have them) so charlie calls back to work and after a little while we get back in the van and head to cleawater. they had the cards, we waited probably another twenty minutes before the lady came down to do our prints and when she saw the amount of us, she went crazy. she acted like she had more important things to be doing than fingerprints! in my opinion, if it is your job, it is your job, like it or get a new one lady! we finally get done, and charlie is running late for his second job, so he calls and has arne drop his car by the second job while arne picks up the van that had all of us in it. the rest of the ride home was interesting to say the least! a great big van pulling a u turn in front of an suv that was too close! we were all praying and screaming at the same time! so we get back to work and i called ryan to come pick me up! it was crazy! so now i get to go to work tonight!

ryan has had a few interviews this week. we are just praying that the right job will surface for him.

mom and pop are doing well from what i understand. i talked to pop on saturday. he was supposed to call on sunday to talk to the girls, but forgot to i guess, so i will be trying to get a hold of him this weekend.

and that is that!

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