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Friday, November 21, 2008

"Freak of Nature"

Some might not like that. I got an e mail from my boss the other day at work after I had sent the girls an e mail saying that if they wanted to bring their christmas presents in to work, I would wrap them at night to keep me busy (not to mention, I LOVE TO WRAP PRESENTS). So when she e mails me back she says, "You are a freak of nature!"

So, tonight I called to further discuss my hours since Ryan is working 3p to 11 pm, I had to switch my hours around a little and we got to talking about having a christmas ornament exchange and I mentioned that I am making an ornament for it. She repled with "Making? YOU ARE A FREAK OF NATURE YOU KNOW!"

I love my boss! She is so cool! She is allowing me to basically come in when I can while staying extra to make up the hours that I had to give up due to Ryan's schedule. It is so cool to work with someone who is so flexible. She also added, "I know how hard it is to work night shift. I can't do it and if you are ever to the point of total exhaustion, please go home! I don't want to have you putting yourself or anyone else in danger as you drive home from work!" It was really sweet of her.

I spoke with Arne before leaving work this morning! It was great to get the chance to chat for a minute with him.

Lee came in before I left also and cleared up some confusion that we were having on one of the forms that we have now switched to! That was great.

Maria (my boss) is going to approve us a desk fan! YESSSSSSSSS! It gets so hot at the desk, so we will have one on the way soon!

The text messages I have been getting:
(lets see if you can dicifer who they are from and who they are referring to)

#1. "We made it. She's doing great. She slept most of the way."
#2. "She did well. She has a pretty bad cough. We're going to a friends today around four so I'll try to remember to call Kenzie"
#3. "Having so much fun. She loves this little piggy went to market. Just wanted to give you an update"

So, now it is your job to comment me back and try to tell me who the messages are from and who they are referring to.

I am going to get ready for work, so I will blog more later!

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