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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

excitement fills the air

here in our house, we are excited for a number of reasons!!! first because


then the other list:

-school is creeping closer! woo hooooooo!
-we find out next week about kenzie's sat score
-maddie is a 1st grader
-we are going cabin camping this weekend!
-we have the workshop in september and we are so excited about it
-today is the 1st of august, which means big things for me!

now to expand on a few of the excitements...

cabin camping- we haven't been for like 2 years, but we have tent camped quite a bit. we love the cabins and so this will be a fun trip! it's also our first trip of the year because it's been way too hot for camping!

what does today mean? well, a new customer special! for every $31 spent, my customers can get any spirit collection item for 50% off!!! That's an amazing savings!!! So, for every $31 spent, they can get their chioce of color in any of these for the prices listed:

large utility tote for 17.50
organizing utility tote for 15
picnic thermal tote for 17.50
cinch sac for 10
retro metro bag 27.50
about town blanket for 19.50

and with that said, there are a few other things going on:

first, the most requested color in Thirty-One history is finally joining the Spirit Collection!! PURPLE! woohooooo!

this is the last month for the summer catalog, so if you have been putting off ordering, make sure you get that order in early as we will be having a list of retiring products!!! and we already have one product that is fully retired!

we have some new thread choices for fall and 3 of them are making their debut this month: BURNT ORANGE, FOREST GREEN AND MAROON! these are going to make your personalized bags and totes look very nice for this fall!!!

we have a new personalization hitting our catalog this fall and it's here for the month of august at a 50% discount! it's called Icon-It. and that means that you can choose to have one icon with one name or phrase added to your bag for just $5! When our new catalog gets here, this will go up to $10! And the choices for this are:
a beautiful crown for your little princess
a flower for you flower lovers
and for the sports fanatics, we have a baseball, a soccer ball, a volley ball, a football, or a basketball!

now, for the icon it, there are 3 styles that won't work with it. these are from the summer catalog and they are the large and small rectangle basket liners and the mini retro metro bag.

then finally we have added the cinch sac to our spirit collection!!! this is an awesome bag that will be a very nice addition to your little sportster's collecion for packing their uniform/ shoes to and from games... it's also a great overnight bag for those toddlers headed to grandma's house!!!

And i'll close there.

God Bless and have a Thirty-ONEDERFUL day!!!

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