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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

work at home mom tips

since i have started working from home, i just wanted to take the time to share this with you.

i was reading in parents magazine and came across a great article, and i am only going to hit the very tops of the article here, but here are some great tips for you work at home mom's who are struggling to balance work and family time since you are working out of your home....

first, i know i will be taking advantage of the girls going back to school, so i, for one, will have several hours a day that will be free for work related tasks only. this will do wonders for my business i am sure.

now for the ones from the article:

you MUST create a schedule! it's very important so that you can balance that work and family time better. you will thank yourself for doing this after you have gotten accustomed to doing it!

for the mom's of toddlers, take advantage of nap time! when your little one is snoozing, use this as your POWER HOUR to get as much working as you can done for your business! i know you are going to want to sneak in a load of dishes, but you really need to just stay on task!

set some boundaries so that you aren't crossing mom with businesswoman. when you do this you can give either your kids or your business your full attention, and when you are in work mode, you are only working. maybe dress office casual during your work hours and dress mom during your mom hours... this might help?

keep the kiddies entertained during your work hours (if they are home with you) for babies/toddlers this is easy! you will simply provide many activities for them such as floor toys during the time you must work while they are awake.

plan for some interruptions. don't get frazzled if you need to tend to your little ones during your work hours. take the time to tend to them and get right back to work. once your work hours are over, close the office door and don't go back in until your next day of working.

ask for assistance if you need to. if you need grandma to come and help with the kids while you work, ask her! she would love more time with her grandkids.

as i find more info, i'll post more, but i just thought you might like to see a few tips that i am implementing in my schedule to make my business more successful.

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