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Friday, August 10, 2012

wow it's almost 9pm already???

it's been a long day, but things are coming together...

i e mailed back and forth with Kristen today. She has been where I am with fighting with schools, so she had some very useful information for me. I also got a hold of Mrs. Russell from last year who will be working very closely with me and Mr. Russell (Mackenzie's teacher this year), I got my website fixed, I spoke with my sister in law Angie. and Chyanne and really did make her day! I've worked on work e mails most of the day, as well as some end of summer time with the kiddies... ryan worked a 12 hour day today YAY! and now i'm settling down gonna just chill tonight...

my plans for next week include but are not limited to: getting ryan to plant city so he can go to work out of town next week, meet the teacher day wednesday, house work, catalog party, and lots of last week of summer loving for my 1st and 3rd graders!!! Not to mention, I'll have to figure out a sitter for my kids for my meeting on Saturday. I have about a 2 hour meeting I need to go to Saturday am, but with Ryan gonna be out of town, I have to figure that out... Things will work out I just have to wake up some before I can taclke that one.

and I'm outty time for some rest. it's been too busy today LOL

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