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Friday, August 24, 2012

what a week

this week has been crazy.... and mommies think the crazyness ends when they go back to school!  ha!  i've had a crazy bus time thing going on... here's just a glimpse into our week:

daily, get up and get kids showered 7 am.  have them ready to walk out the door by 830.  kenzie's bus is SUPPOSED to come at 848, i say supposed because, that's not the case.  Madison's is SUPPOSED to be here at 908.  Again, not the case.  So, for the most part, we are good up until bus time.  we walk kenzie almost 1/4 mile down the road for her stop, then while waiting with mackenzie, the little girl next door gets on her bus, so we have to leave kenzie at her stop and take maddie to hers because it's normally within minutes of alexa getting on the bus that maddie gets on... (this was one morning so far, but still, it's stress on the mommma)

then my day goes like this:  work, e mails, chores.  and at 4pm, I head out to the bus stop.

here's what that one is like here lately, i get to the end of my driveway at about  4.  last year, maddie's bus was here by 408, then we would walk down to kenzie's stop and wait for it to come anytime between 420 and 5pm.  this year, it's been:  408, alexa is home.  (her mom and i enjoy each other's company, so i go wait with her)  then i wait at the stop for maddie, but kenzie has been getting home first and because maddie's bus driver will not let her off unless i am AT THE STOP i have to let kenzie cross a busy road and walk that 1/4 mile home by herself with me watching.  by the time kenzie gets here, this week there's been another 15-20 minutes for me to wait for maddie... what i don't get is that maddie is 3 miles away from the house, but it takes over an hour for her to get home, when kenzie is 10 miles away and has been here in 1/2 the time it takes maddie to get home...

so i am still waiting for a call back from the transportation department who is trying to completely re route kenzie's bus so that she can be picked up and dropped off at the same place as maddie. the whole issue there was that they weren't taking into consideration that she had a sister at a different school.

so when i hear about that you will be among the first to know.

in addition to all of this we have tropical storm isaac out there threatening our side of the state, and while the rain is nice, we aren't fans of it because it will mean flooded roads for us.  and it will also mean that ryan will have some time off of work which isn't something i look forward to.  but i understand it.  he's worked about 2.5 weeks straight now, and who knows what next week will bring...

i am about to kick off a new season of products with Thirty-One, so I'll be posting a little more about it in the coming days!  September 1 can't come fast enough!  I can't wait to get my hands on some fun things!!!

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