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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zephyr Park

So, yesterday, we woke up to a flat tire on our Camry, but not to worry, I already had a back up plan. My friend Deb was already going to pick us up to go to Zephyrhills for the small Spray Park there. So we went, the kids played on the dry playground and then after they were all sweaty and ready to be cooled down, we went into the fenced in spray area. This thing has tons of sprayers, bazooka like water guns, buckets that pour on you etc. While I got tons of great photo's, for some reason my card reader is being a royal pain in the toot! So, I'll have to upload those photo's later. Then on the way home, we dropped Kenzie and Maddie off for a night with Yaya. After that, Ryan picked up the Explorer from her so that he could get the tire fixed on our camry, in the mean time, Deb brought me home, and she stayed the night along with our friend Kevin who brought wings for dinner! It was a great night!

and now for today, since I didn't blog yesterday, I wanted to update you on what happened with the photo's and car, so today, Ry got the girls from his mom and I got the sausage gravy fixed for our breakfast. Deb and Kevin slept in and as breakfast was getting off the stove they got up. We've watched all of season 2 walking dead since they came over. While we were doing that Ryan was playing Super Nintendo.

I also checked in on my incentive and it's getting there... Today is the 9th and I have until the 15th to submit 500 in sales! I am down to needing only 346 for this goal! When I do this, not only will I receive an incentive kit, but I will also qualify! By qualifying in the first 6 months, I get a little bonus from my company! It's so very much worth it!

If you are interested in getting more information about my monthly special, please come on over and e mail me. I had to call home office this afternoon when I realized that my website wasn't working properly and it could be a day or two before it's all straightened out. But in the mean time, I can submit orders manually for anyone who needs one submitted.

The girls are getting more excited by the day for school to start! And the last update is that it's looking like Ry will be on an extended job here very soon which means that we will have to just deal with him having to be out of town again for a while, but I would rather have him having to be out of town than for him to not have any work at all!

And that's about all I have for now! For those interested in emailing me about Thirty-One please do so at

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