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Sunday, August 12, 2012


today was a typical sunday for us. i got up at about 730 which is my daily norm. got the kids and ryan up at 8 after i had showered and started the process of getting ready for church.

we left the house about 830 so we could get there and get the kids all checked into their classes. maddie was moved up to the 1st grade class and kenzie went on into her class. it's great because mackenzie is in a class where they have 2-5th graders so even though she's still in 3rd grade she still gets to be in class with her friends.

ryan and i went on into our couples class. and one main thing we came away from class with is this:

because the holy spirit lives within both of us, when we are speaking to our spouses, try to remember that we are talking to God as well. this is a very deep thing for us to take in, so it will take some time, but i am sure it will really leave a lasting impact on us.

while in couples class, we were asked to put our names/shirt sizes down so that in 2 weeks we can order class shirts, so we did. after class, we were asked to speak with the leader who informed us that because someone wanted to sponser a couple for their shirts, we were who she picked! it feels great to be blessed! i just about cried on the spot! so, since we have our shirts taken care of, we are wearing them to the couples event in september that we are volunteering for. it's going to be great because all of the volunteers are going to wear their class shirts and that way we will stand out!

speaking of the event, it's the Love worth fighting for event that's sweeping the nation, and since we are volunteering, we get in free!!! woo hooo! double blessings!!!

we then went to service and saw aaron gillespie perform! amazing praise let me tell ya!

after service, i had a migrane so i laid down. it's been bad tonight, but the mt dew is helping. ryan took the girls to yaya and pappy's for dinner and brought me dinner home :) thank you carol and roy for that!!!

and now i am gearing up for my weekly conference call!!!!

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