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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

gettin' ready for back to school...

the girls are excited! woo hoooo! i love that my girls love school! they both get up and don't fight on school mornings which is great!!! so here's the breakdown this year:

i have maddie the first grader (doesn't seem possible!) and she's so excited can't wait for meet the teacher day next week! her supplies are almost finished... then it's just put some clothes on lay away for her and we will be good there...

then we have kenzie... as you know last year she was in 3rd grade and here in florida if 3rd graders don't pass the standardized test, they fail... well, kenzie was given the opportunity to take a second standardized test and didn't do well enough to go on to 4th grade (after i requested, more than once i might add, that she take this test one on one however they refused to allow it after telling me that the assistant principle would sit in with her) anyhoo, it's going to be a great year for her! although she has had all of this last year, it will help her a lot in the long run...

we have found some really cool resources we are ordering so that i can help her more at home... and that's just the way it's gonna run this year.

kenzie's school supplies are also almost finished. which is awesome... i just have school clothes to purchase for her and that's gonna be it for her.

both of the girls decided to support mommy when they got their backpacks!!! Mackenzie bought the UpperClassman from my website! and the print she purchased was botanical lace. she followed that by purchasing the botanical lace thermal tote to take her lunch in. (i allotted 60 to go toward backpacks and lunch totes, and they both chose to do this via my website)

Madison on the otherhand purchased the keep it cool backpack which has a thermal pouch on the outside of her bag and the pink circle spiral thermal tote!

they both personalized them with their names on them! they look great! and they are a great quality!

since I know you want to see what these things look like, head on over to my website at Thirty-One and i am available via e mail today if you have any questions about putting in your order...

Oh, and you will want to know about the special too won't you... well, it's for every $31 spent, you get to choose one SPIRIT COLLECTION item for 50% off!!! that's an amazing deal!!! and they added spirit purple to the collection!!!

Well, I gotta be going... it's gonna be a hot day out there at the spray park but the girls need a day out of the house before school starts :)

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  1. Sorry to hear of your issues with the school. Sadly my daughter had the same problem. Did not pas the Fcat in 3rd grade so did not pass the grade. Of course had the school done what they were suppose to do and got her tested and on her IEP when they were suppose to instead of 6 months later then it wouldn't have been an issue. That FCat thing is frustrating. Don't know where you live but feel your pain. THankfully we moved out of Florida last october and this past year my kids had a school year 100 times better than any year in their school in Florida. Anyway...hope your daughter has a good year.

    I have been a follower for a while. I just created a new blog over at Hope you will come check it out.