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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Teachers Rock!

So, here's how the morning went:

Madison's school:  was a bit of chaos.  Nothing was organzied for getting the busses, or any other information.  They didn't even have a nutrition area set up.  It was utter chaos.  I've never seen a school set up that way.  Perhaps I can talk with the administration to help come up with a better solution for next year.  Her teacher however is AMAZING!  She's cute, fashionable, knowledgable, and we love her!  Mrs. Lopez is going to be fun to work with this year!  And, she loves Thirty-One!!!  Her favorite color is PURPLE, and we have tons of purple coming out in September!!!  Madison loves her class and can't wait for school to start!

Mackenzie's school was a bit better organized, I just wish there would have been a sign to tell parents where to go.  Once we found out where they were all set up and made it through the maze to it, it was set up, signs on tables, and very nicely run.  The staff was very knowlegable, unlike at Madison's school.  We were able to get through Kenzie's in a matter of minutes!!!  We went to her class and met Mr. Russell!  We had the priviledge to work with his wife Mrs. Russell last year and are excited to work with him this year!  We had a nice discussion about how this year is going to work and here's basically what is happening, Mackenzie will have him as her primary teacher, but for certain subject area's she will be out in a regular class (they call this mainstreaming in the education world)  and for specials she will go with her mainstream class for each area of art, music and p.e.  This is something that we have been wanting to work on for a while.  Mr. Russell was quite informational and is going to be a joy to work with.  He said her mainstream teacher is going to be Mrs. Williams.  She will have an intern from USF for the first part of the year and in addition to that there will be an Instructional Assistant going to Mrs. Williams class with Mackenzie.  To top that off, he said that he and Mrs. Russell were both shocked that Mackenzie wasn't able to pass the SAT10.  He said that they both thought she would do it, but that he wants to ammend her IEP to say that tests can be read to her and hopefully that will help slow her down with her test taking.  I pray it does.

So all in all, we had a great morning!  Off to get some work done now

Have a blessed day!

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