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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anything for my daughter

And, so the planning for Maddie's birthday begins. I start the planning early so that I can be sure to have everything perfect for her big day. I was at the table with the almost three year old and like the idiot that I am asked her, "Maddie, what kind of birthday party do you want to have?" and she replies like the smart girl who knows what she wants, "Sponge Bob" and so here we are planning trips to the beach to find seashells and sand for the table. I am going to make a centerpiece for said table that is the "pineapple under the sea" and for food we are planning on serving krabby patties and kelp fries. (In real world terms hamburgers and french fries). Then at work today, while discussing a few things with a friend of mine, she said, "I would love to play Sponge Bob at the party" and so I am scheming how to make a Sponge Bob costume. My idea is to get a really big box and cut a hole in the top big enough for her head to fit through, then use yellow tissue paper in layers to create the sponge part of it and then go with white and brown for the shirt and shorts, then use construction or poster board paper for making the tie. I can find a hat probably for her to put on her head and thus a home made sponge bob will be visiting Maddie's birthday (that is only if I can get the thing made for her). Now, for the homework for the rest of you, any recipe for a sea theme drink for the kiddo's would be great. This party will be at our house, so I need to be getting some painting done, and I have about a month and a half until the party, so we are good on time. Any further ideas, send them my way. Oh, yeah, I am going to try and make the sign for the Krusty Krabb for the backyard so that I can have that as the entrence to the party space! Enough for now... more to come!



  2. Don't forget my "Make your own Spongebob" Idea and starburgers or if that don't work star jello?