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Monday, March 9, 2009

lots of things

Today was a crazy day at work, but the good news is i didn't get beat up lol! the kids have been super good. i have already gotten a lot accomplished tonight. i have made to do lists and posted them in each room of the house so that when I go in the room, i will have to look at it and it feels good to mark things off of the list, not to mention chore lists and descriptions in each room. i also worked on the budget a little more today. and I SIGNED UP FOR HEALTH BENEFITS. We haven't had them for some time, but as of the first of april, we will once again be covered. the down fall is the amount comming out of my check for the benefits, but once i am used to that again, it will not be a problem. I just have to budget accordingly. things will work out i just have to believe. i am off here to upload pics of the birthday party and i will get that post done as soon as i can!

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