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Monday, March 9, 2009

Kenzie's sixth birthday party

(Having issues putting these in order, so you will see the party backwards).
Such a big pice of cake for a lil girl don't ya think?
These paintings were done by Aunt Amanda for the girls for their room. We sent their rug that matches their bedding to her so she could do custom mural paintings to hang above each of their beds. I love them and so do the girls. I just wish I had the time and creativity to do those.
In this shot we have Sara, Shelby, Kenzie, Zoey, CeCe, Mandy, and Riley during gift giving.
Shelby and Kenzie posing with Zoey after she got the present from Grandma Tigger. A jewelery box.
Yaya and all the kids pretending to be cheerleaders!
Hitting the pinata.
Sara taking time to smile pretty for the camera.
Isabell. Such a cute lil chunker!
Riley playing in the sand under the slide.
Mandy wanted a shot of fame, so here you go kiddo!
Look, Ma, I am a big kid now!
Mhm... even the adults get to have fun! Toni trying to hide from the camera.
Zoey is such a hamm and Kenzie's best friend in class. The two are insepperable...
Stylin' Grandma Tigger
Uncle Derrick firing up the grill.
Ryan and Tim helping with set up.
Cheerleader Yaya. Oops I think you forgot your uniform LOL!
Look at the pretty cheer girls!
Shelby is a great lil monkey... she will totally be the top of the pyramid one day!
and here we go again! another pyramid
more cheering
boys trying to hang a pinata
the second cake.... long story
Piggys are best! Mommy says so!

We all sang Happy birthday to her, but she got a lil shy.... wonder why...

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