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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

to do list crazy

I have begun my mission organization that i tend to go through every year, only this year I have taken it a little further. I have posted in each room of the house a to do list. I also have a "room chores list" put in each room. I am doing this to remind me of when I need to accomplish something and as I go in a room, I will see this list and be able to mark something off of the list. I also was able to mark off of a to do list I haven't even created yet for the office! Our office is part of our bedroom and I have this thing I wanted to put on that list but haven't created it. I found a church that offers the Dave Ramsey program. I really want to take it, so I had to find a church in the area that offers it and now I have. I am now going to start the office list and a budgeting to do list. Not to mention a child rearing in progress list to try and change some of the behaviors of our children and us as well. Lists like crazy in this house.

On to other things, Gretchen and Angeleena have lots more pics of the party for me as well as a video of the Pinata ceremony as I am calling it! Can't wait to have that. When I get all of those pics, Kenzie and I are going to make a slide show of her birthday and burn it to cd's for everyone to enjoy as well as add it to here so you can all see in motion the party. In fact, maybe I will start working on creating it after I get the kids their baths and put them down for the night. Kenzie has about 10 more minutes outside before bath time and then when the baths are done, we will do our book and go to bed.

Kenzie's words of the week this week are:

She is doing really well with them. I did a verbal spelling test to see what she could do. she missed 2 out of the 4 and today is only tuesday so i have complete faith in her to get all of them right by friday!

maddie just sat on the potty and tried going poopy for the first time! yay!

and that is enough rambeling for me!

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