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Friday, March 20, 2009


as you all know, i have struggled with kenzie and school for all of her life. in preschool no one would have her speech evaluated and finally when they did she was almost 2 years developmentally delayed. now i am fighting with her not going to be able to handle the work load that comes with being a first grader, but the teacher told me earlier in the year that she feared that the principle would deny her request to hold her back due to the budget. now, i am facing trying to tutor her on my own, which is hard because i have no support from her school and have to find out everything about what kindergarteners are learning now a days on my own, not to mention they have spelling tests (the last three of which she has failed due to not being able to process things from brain to hand to spell it out correctly, but she recognises the words when she sees them in books) and the list goes on... grrr. to top things off the principle isn't giving me any help when i ask for direction as to how to get her some help... so again, i am batteling this war alone. yes, there is the no child left behind act, however there are cracks, and the speech therapist said last year, "i feel like kenzie is one of the children who will fall through the cracks" this discourages me because it is just setting my child up to fail. now where do i turn? do i pull her out of public school, and try to homeschool her myself? i don't want to do this because that means she will not have the socialization that she needs. so i look at supplementing her education with homeschooling, but then will she adapt to being at a desk all day at school and then the kitchen table from the time she gets home until bath and bed time? it isn't fair to her to do something like that i don't think. i found a tutor person, but the price is a little steep for my budget, however i feel that if i don't pay it and go into debt in other areas, then i haven't given my all to my child. what do i do?


  1. You are the strongest advocate for your child. Don't be afraid to push the school system. You can at any time request that she be tested for a disability other than Speech. The school has no choice but to comply....federal law.

    In our school system, and I would assume most others, parents have the ultimate say in their child's education. If you have done your research and believe she should be retained, then call a meeting and fight for it. They can only provide you with their recommendations; you are her parent and are able to make decisions on her behalf.

    Good luck

  2. Don't give up on your school keep going back to them, drive them nuts if you have to, that is your child and you know best.

    Also home schooling isn't as bad as you think. She can get socialization other ways, but I wouldn't combine public and home schooling, that would probably be way to much for her and really hard on you.

    But if after trying and trying with her school and it doesn't seem to work, look for other local schools and give them a call. See if they'll work with you.

    Like I said, home schooling isn't as bad as most people think, don't put it at the bottom of your list. Letting her "fall through the cracks" shouldn't be an option. :)

    Good luck with your situation.