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Monday, March 23, 2009

"Mommy can I go bowling?"

So, Ryan and the girls picked me up from work on Sunday. I had worked 16 hours on Saturday and Renee (I love this girl) asked me if there was any way I would work my Sunday off. I was able to say yes and she gave me today off in exchange for helping them out via 24 hours worked on my weekend off. I ended my week way in overtime, so that helps too! Anyway, we get home and Kenzie says, "Mommy can I go bowling?" so, although I was tired, we went. I hadn't been bowling in years, and forgot how much fun we used to have when we did it, so here is what we did on SundayAbove you can see Kenzie wearing her very first pair of rental shoes! Too Cool! And the cosmic crazy party carpet beneath her feet make it even funner!I'm just hangin' out! My new favorite pastime is watching daddy, mommy, and sissy bowling! It is so much fun!
Rolling my first ball!Watch it! Watch it!Look at me. I'm a bowler! Lovin' it!
Daddy, it's your turn!
Here Kenzie, throw it like this!
Look at her ball! It looks good right about now!
Happy girl!

Look, she is trying to bowl left handed!"Aun Toni hold me!" Maddie and Kenzie are now calling our friend Toni "Aunt Toni" kind of cute! They love her! After bowling, we went to her house and the kids played with her son Dillon and we just hung out. Our other friend Kevin, from work stopped by and we had a blast! It has been a long time since we have done anything like this with the kid or adults, so I am happy to say, I will be working this into the budget so we can do it more often! We had fun and that is all it is about. Kenzie sat in front of this tree that is in Toni's yard and I had her look towards the cars so I could kind of get a profile shot! I think it turned out pretty good! I love these types of pics!

Now I have you updated on the fun we had fill me in on what you have been up to!

Loads of Love!!!

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