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Friday, March 13, 2009

A play/dinner date with some new friends

My friend Danielle came over tonight for grilled chicken and hotdogs with coleslaw and corn on the cobb for dinner with her two boys and our two girls. Ryan was working, so it was perfect. Timmy and David got to meet Kenzie and Maddie while Danielle and I had some much needed mom on mom time. While we were at it, we got pics of each of the kids in the tree out front, but I have to figure out how to get them e mailed to myself from ryan's phone so I can share them. If I can't do that by Tuesday, I will have another opportunity to get more of them because they are comming back over to bake a cookie cake and decorate it while we have hamburgers on the grill. We are so in love with each other! Danielle is one of the nurses where I work, but we are already like best friends and the kids hit it off great! They go to the same school and so it works out for familiar faces. We are also planning on Danielle and I re learning how to roller blade and loose weight together. And we are planning some family outings to the beach and what not together too! Things work out for the best even when times are bad! We had lots of fun and hope to report many more happy times!

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