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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photo Op!!!

Just before taking Maddie and Kenzie's scooter to the school this afternoon to wait for Kenzie, I decided that since Maddie was in such a happy mood, I would let her climb the tree and take advantage of a cute hair do, beautiful blue eyes, and wonderfully happy smile, not to mention that the weather was just georgeous!

Sissy, where are you? I had told Maddie to look down the street for her sissy to see if she was comming home from school. I knew she wasn't because it wasn't time for school to be out and we walk to the school to pick her up, but I was taking full advantage of the time I had with my beauty!
I call this one looking into the future. I love these poses where the subject is looking away from the photographer. It looks like she could be concentrating on something in the distance such as her future.
Peek a boo!!! She decided to have some fun at this point and hide from me and then come out from behind the tree!
Just precious. I can't come up with a better word for her! She is such a photogenic lil one! And happy to play with mommy even when the camera is around. I love it!
Are you sure about this mom? Look at her face she almost looks scared!
I wanna chew on my fingers! I kept trying to get her to take her fingers out of her mouth so I could get a cute pic of her smile!
See another one and she is laughing about it!
I'm rockin!
Some more fun in the tree!
Such a beauty! She just loves her tree. I love the pics with trees and greenery as the backdrop. I don't know but I think true nature is perfect for pics!
I only smile for momma. LOL just kidding. She smiles for everyone. She was just having a blast.
Hey, I can peel the tree... She was figuring out that bark comes off of the tree at this point.
Another shot of her not looking directly at me.

This is my tree mom. She was standing in front of it waiting to be put in the tree again. Man she loves it!Dear Santa,
This is why I asked you for my scooter. I wanted to ride to and from school. With the weather nice Mommy and Daddy let me ride it to and from school with them in tow. Mommy took this picture for you so you could see how good I am getting on my scooter.

So, now I just need to get Kenzie to let me do her hair pretty and get her in a cute outfit and in the tree, but she is a little scared to be sitting on the branches like Maddie does. I just wish I could think of other places I could take her to get a nature backdrop that wouldn't have to be suspended in the air. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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