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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wow this has been a crazy day

I have cleaned out ryan's end of the closet, organized our desk, made a bin for donations and filled it beyond full. I am now working on my end of the closet, and the rest of our bedroom. In addition to that, I am trying to show the kids that we all need to pitch in and do our part of housework before we can play. All I ask of the kids is that they keep their messes picked up and their toys and clothes put in appropriate places. I have placed a hamper in their room, one in each bathroom and one in our room along with a toy box in their room for their toys. They have a bookshelf in their room as well for their books, but instead I get rebellion. I just wish I knew a way to intice them to do their part. I have tried bribery, which doesn't work because when I find something that they want, I try bribing them with it and they go whining to their dad for it when I am at work and he gives it to them. I don't know if it is because he doesn't want to hear them whining, or if it is because he doesn't know what tactic I am trying, but it is driving me crazy. I have tried a chore chart which doesn't help because the kids give up before they get started. If they don't get the stickers to put in place right away they yell and scream, backtalk, hit or whatever they can to get me upset. All of the fore mentioned things are against family rules, therefore allowance is lost before it is given out. I just am at my witts end on what other techniques to try. I am trying to tackle one room a day and touch up on the rooms done previous days to keep on top of them, but I feel like I can only do so much. I am only one person and if a family doesn't function as a team, nothing can be accomplished. I feel like my team mates are throwing me under the bus. Any suggestionst that don't include degrading or defaming my character would be great. Also any suggestions that are not positive and optimistic will be deleted so you may want to consider not leaving them. After I recieved a very rude comment directed at my thoughts and feelings written in random sentences, I have decided to moderate all comments and only allow those which are appropriate for the public to read be published on my blog and I am sure that my true friends understand that reasoning. Thanks to my faithful readers for your support and love!

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