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Friday, March 27, 2009

a little birthday celebration

Since today is my birthday and the 2nd is Carol's, I baked a cake yesterday and invited her over to have some. Here was my last minute creation. Cute I think. I don't know if I liked the premade icing though. It was tough to work with because it was so stiff. Anyway, Kenzie put 3 candles in it for me then we re did it for carol so we didn't end up with a ton of wax on the cake.
Such a cutie pie I do think!
This was what Kenzie wore to school for spring pics. That was yesterday. She was so excited to get all prettied up for school!

Roy and Carol gave me a gift card to Kohl's and since my dishes were on sale there this week, I went today and used it so I could get more for my money. While I was there I signed up for the e mail coupon program they offer so I can get more savings in the future. I was able to get a turquoise 5 piece place setting (I have wanted this color for soooooo long) and another serving bowl. I bought 2 when they were buy one get one, but the other day while I had wet hands doing dishes picked one up to dry and it slipped right out of my hands. So, now I have replaced that bowl, I will have to check and see what else I want to get for my collection. Just working on getting it all together is all.

I am looking in consignment shops for a climber for maddie for her birthday. Mom, Carol, and I want to go in on one, so we are keeping our eyes peeled!

And that is the update!


  1. The pics are so cute. Glad you had a awesome day. I loved throwing you a guild party!

    Love you!